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Screw you, Apple!

I am sick and tired of Apples review crap. So tired.

Just to be clear – I don’t have a problem with the review of Apps itself. I have a major problem with the way Apple handles it.

It is a joke. Even after years they pull the same crap all over again and again and again.

Yes, I know they are understaffed – but c’mon. From my fees alone they could hire an additional guy (or girl). Let alone the fees they collect from Rovio.

And it can happen sometimes – but not as a rule! If I would screw my customers that way – I would be out of business in less than a month.

The last Recipes update got stuck for over a month without a single note/comment/word. And there wasn’t a major problem with it. Just a wrong entitlement and that was fixed in two minutes.

Write 2 is now stuck for months again. And I bet it had something to do with Pages and they don’t wanted another third party App to be the first in Retina-aware.

Then they had a problem with me using the word Retina in the description. Hey Apple, you don’t own the word Retina. But hey, I removed it. And it still is stuck for weeks now. Again.

Little independent developers don’t have to pay bills and rent. We are just happy to deliver quality content for you :–(

And the Retina-aware update of Free is stuck again. For weeks now. And before that it was rejected because its App Store Title is not Free alone.

And that is for a reason. And it was not a problem for all my other Apps and probably every third/second App on the App Store before – simply because your search is a joke crap (or sucks, if you prefer that).

But hey – I removed it – so that my customers – who gave you thousands of bucks for a Retina MacBook Pro – can use it. But guess what. It is stuck again. For weeks. Without a word/note/comment.

Screw you, Apple!

I am already preparing all my important Apps for a world without your stupid App Store and Review Hell now (again!). We all sold our Apps before you ‘invented’ the App Store and some of us had a better living.

I can sell my Apps in my own store (again).

Write 2 will be available tomorrow is available here and all existing myWritings owner can update for a reduced price and Free will be available next week. And others will follow.

Both in Retina-aware and built-in Dropbox support instead of your half-baked beta-iCloud-thingi…

Kaspersky is 10 years behind

There is something wrong with the headlines today. Not Apple is ten years behind. Kaspersky has just discovered, that they are ten years behind milking just another cow…

Why I am not a people person

I receive a lots of mails. Most of them are kind, nice and some are even cute. And of course there are the other ones. Those who immediately trigger the urge to bang the head against the next wall:

I am extremely disappointed that you made a choice not to provide “equal access” to those ho use Snow Leopard; Having the application “backward compatable, shows that you are interested in others who may not need the features of Lion. You have provided no reason for yourfailure to comply with a simple request…

He is talking about Browser.

I extra took the time to answer and yes I know, I could have been nicer – but c’mon? Really?

Disappointed? Extremely? My failure to comply?
Who the hell are you and who the hell gave you the right to talk to someone in that disrespectful way? To someone, who is offering is hard work (in this case thousands of hours) for free?
Seriously? You want me to spend hundreds of hours in addition for an App I don’t earn a cent with and I am working on in my spear time - just to support an outdated system?
BTW - a completely new written App. You did not pay for it and after some years I dropped the support, right?
In March 2012, when I am currently reading ten thousands of new pages/manuals/code changes for the upcoming 10.8. When I have to make all my Apps fit for Mountain Lion? To pay my bills? So I can also write and support my many free Apps. And with upcoming - I mean in two/three months? When I am already working 12/16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?
I am sorry - but this really makes me angry. What did you do to earn the right to tell me what I have to do with and in my rare free time?

And guess what?

Delivery has failed. Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients…

Seriously? What’s wrong with you, people?

Yes, you don’t have to know that Mountain Lion is coming in two/three months. You also don’t need to know how much work this all really is and you may also think, that we are all millionaires and are all only working on wednesdays between twelve and twelve fifteen.

But that is no excuse for the lack of manners and some respect. Period.

And even if you don’t got them. If you expect that your urgent needs will be fulfilled immediately – reasonable or not. At least, you should be able to provide a working email address, xxxxx (please fill in appropriate word with m and o here).


Hey developer,

please do our job and test 10.7.3 – and hey, we don’t tell you that your doomed if you do so…

Moron of The Day

Some people are unbelievable. So unbelievable that I had to start this new category here.

Moron of The Day

And today we start with one Jimmie. He wrote me earlier:

Since webkit is cross platform, are you planning a BSD or Linux version? Or is the source code available to make a BSD or Linux port?

(He is talking about Browser and in that mail already showing off is profound understanding of the subject matter).

And after I gave him the answer:

No and no…

I received that nice mail he also directly CCed to:

WebKit is open source software with portions licensed under the LGPL
and BSD licenses.
Since this browser is based on WebKit, the source, under the LGPL must
be released, or users must have access to it.
And according to your own licence:
how can one customize the application without the source code?

Seriously – what is wrong with such people? Bored by life? Just plain mean? Not able to understand what’s happening around them?

I am actually thinking about making a frame from wood for my office. Who needs an ‘Employee of the Month’ picture if there is a ‘Moron of The Day’ available…


Try me!

I’ll bet a Nickel new Mac he’s (and no, this can only be a man, sorry!) one of those geniuses to stupid otherwise talented to provide a valid email address or not able to type it in without mistakes or his Hotmail inbox is full.

This can happen to anyone of us (ok, except the part with the Hotmail address) – but after some days one could just try it again and provide an alternative address.

Once could. Once could also wait for another six weeks and write the same review again.

I’ll bet in 12 weeks we will read an update to it.

That reminds me of something:

Morons, who are not even capable of handling the simplest App with one view and three buttons show an astonishing aiming accuracy for the one star rating.

In case you don’t know it already – that’s MOApp’s Law. One day I will create a Wikipedia page for it :–)

I am sorry. I know I am supposed to be professional and whatever. But – c’mon! Really?

MOApp’s Law

Sorry to be redundant, but it has become a soothing mantra for me – every time I download the latest reviews and I really wish it would be displayed on every single page of the App Store over and over again:

Morons, who are not even capable of handling the simplest App with one view and three buttons show an astonishing aiming accuracy for the one star rating.