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Bye, bye Tumblr

That’s it. I’m done with Tumblr. For a reason.

As of today the new MOApp weblog is powered by my own LogEngine. LogEngine is my very own version of a dead simple weblog engine. As simple as b2 once was. It’s nothing I can make available for others for now. I wouldn’t even call it an alpha yet. But it’s already working for the AZLog and null816 and I’ve also my own App for OS X and the most important part:

I own it! I own its API and it’s my content. It’s stored on my own server.

Of course, the old Tumblog is still available and remains available. Simply because of the Daily Ollerum and the Daily Snippets and some quotes and news regarding my own Apps and plans…

Update for Quick and Dirty available

I’ve just published an update for Quick and Dirty - The simple image editor for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display…

Quick and Dirty Website

What I’m currently working on

I always wished I could carry the pinboard(s) from my office with me. On my Macs. And wouldn’t it be awesome to have multiple version of one pinboard to try different things for ideas. And if you don’t have to manually write them down if you start with the next project?

Well – in a couple of days we can all carry our pinboards around. We can even store them in iCloud. Or use the Mountain Lion Notification Center to send as (scheduled) reminders – even when we’re not in front of our pinboard – aka the Pin App is not running :–)

★★ Discounted by 72% as part of TwoDollarTuesday ★★

Today is your chance to update Write on the Mac App Store. Write 2 is part of the TwoDollarTuesday. More discounted Apps can be found here.

Simple. Fast. Powerful. iCloud* enabled. Retina-aware.

Write 2 is a cute lightweight word processor for our daily writing tasks. It is fast, clean, intuitive to use and has a native (Mac-like) and uncluttered interface. Most important of all – it is very user-friendly. It’s the word processor for the rest of us. For those who just simply want to write and for all those missing WriteNow :–)

» Write Website
» Write on the Mac App Store

Performance Testing with Cat in Background

Update for moApp for AppDotNet available!

Sleep is for the weak :–)

I’ve just published the latest update for moApp for AppDotNet and the biggest improvement are the finally working notifications. I’ve also killed the ugly post box and @mentions are now automatically highlighted directly within the streams.

And there’s even lots more to discover in this latest version…

» moApp Website
» Download moApp Alpha

Notifications for moApp

And yes – Notifications for moApp are coming. The plain notifications itself are working. But fetching new mentions in the background isn’t yet working very well. Or at least not without using to much resources for popular users with lots of mentions.

I’m working on it …

» Download moApp Alpha

moApp for AppDotNet Alpha available

I’ve just published the (very) first alpha version of moApp for AppDotNet.

It is already stable – but, of course, not feature complete und unpolished. For example: The notifications are not working yet and infinite scrolling decided to be a bitch. I’m working on it – but sometimes even a nerd like I needs some sleep. Should you run into problems – please let me know.

It is already Retina-ware and tested under Mountain Lion. It should work under 10.7 as well…

» Download moApp Alpha
» Follow @MOApp on AppDotNet

moApp for AppDotNet

I guess moApp will be the 123th App started in the last week – just because of AppDotNet. I hope to have a first public alpha ready next week.

BTW – you can, of course, already follow me here