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CocoaBox - Life is like a box of code.

Four months later CocoaBox finally just hit the Mac App Store. Main problem was (and is) the iCloud integration and the App sandboxing. So – directly pasting snippets into Xcode is unfortunately not possible (for now). However, you can directly drag them into Xcode (or any other Editor – like SimpleEdit.

Life is like a box of code.
It is up to you what you do with it.

This is true for CocoaBox as well:

Store unlimited Cocoa/Objective-C snippets. Thanks to iCloud, use them on all your Macs.

Directly insert snippets into Xcode. Even drag multiple snippets out of CocoaBox. Directly create new snippets with a global hotkey. Or easily create snippets from files.

Add unlimited files. Quick Look them. Thanks to iCloud, use them on all your Macs. Directly drag them into Xcode. Or into CocoaBox. Open them with one click. Or a single keystroke.

Operate CocoaBox completely by keyboard. Tag everything. Filter its content with those tags. Or multiple tags. Of course, everything else is searchable too. And printable. And exportable as well.

» CocoaBox Website
» CocoaBox on the Mac App Store


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