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It’s absolutely sickening!

No matter where to look, no matter what review to read. All fail. Miserably. Across the board. Soon Apple will release the third generation of its iPad and not a single competitor has managed to come close, to oppose – in three years.

Not a single one.

Not Dell, not RIM, not HP, not IBM, not Motorola. No one.

Today HP has buried the only real competitor to iOS. webOS was promising – really promising.

If I had saved some hundred millions for a rainy day – I personally would have called Apotheker today and bought it.

Yes, I. The guy writing Apps for iOS and OS X. The guy with no more space left to stack all the Mac and iOS devices.

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

How can one become better without any competition? And no – Android is no competition. Not even with some new and overpriced patents in the pocket.

You stupid stupid, narrow-minded meerkats on the boards of HP, Lenovo, Dell and Co – you piss me off!

How stupid can one be? For over ten years now, all you do is to watch Apple getting better and better and stronger and stronger and yet you still don’t get it. Not a bit. You build the same crap over and over again. You make the same stupid decisions over and over again. Everyone else had been kicked in his stupid ass long time ago.

The Adobification (just to let you know, I applied for the trademark on this word) of Apple scares me. And if this at least was your plan – I would understand it.

But it wasn’t. You will end up like FreeHand.

And we will have to deal with Apple’s Flash Player. Thanks a lot. Only because you don’t get. Only because you’re unable to learn.

And now I have to somehow raise some hundred millions. I’am already under snow without your crap.

It’s absolutely sickening…

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