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myQuickSearch - Google & Co. at your fingertips - always!

I always find myself peeved when just writing an article or coding an new app and I only want to quick search something. Just a word, a code snippet, a Wikipedia-entry… I always have to hide, minimize or order back the current window, open Safari, select the search field before I can start to search. After that I have to order the old window to front, maximize it etc. - in that time, I could have been done with the search and back at coding or writing. So I’ve written a small and very simple but nifty tool for the Menu bar that solves this needless pain in my neck and maybe you’ll love it as much as I do…

Not with me, Google

In the latest version I’ve also added a new ‘Not with me, Google’ function.
If enabled myQuickSearch will randomly send search requests (to Google or to your custom search engine) with randomly picked search queries from a customizable list, so that your user profile will not be that accurate, as they assume it is.
You can enable this function in the Preferences.

Download myQuickSearch for Mac OS 10.6.4+ (.app | 1.4 MB)
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