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MOApp’s myTaskNotes for Early Birds

MOApp’s myTaskNotes - The most simple and elegant way to keep notes and tasks.

I’ve just uploaded the final (non Mac App Store version) of my new notes/tasks application. And until I’ve finished the iPhone companion app you can have it for an early bird price. Without the review process included I guess I will need a month or two until I’ve finished myTaskNotes for iPhone…

About myTaskNotes 

myTaskNotes is a cute and sophisticated notes application extra designed for ease of use and most important of all - to keep your notes in sync when working with multiple Macs. That’s why I am already working on an iPhone companion app…

Sometimes a note is nothing else than a reminder or a todo - so why use two different applications or one of those overengineered GTD apps when your notes app can do that for you?

Of course you can also print, export, import notes or even backup and restore your complete notes library.

And because most of us are already working with the iDisk or Dropbox - there is no need to create another sync-service or to extra long-winded log into one - only to sync notes. You can even use your Time Capsule or a Thumb-Drive to share your notes across multiple Macs…

USD 14,95 USD 9.95

myTaskNotes Website
Download myTaskNotes Demo for Mac OS 10.6.4+ (.app | 2.1 MB) 
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