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MGPreferencePanel Revised

I just revised my very often downloaded MGPreferencePanel code. I guess calling it the Cocoa Preference Window for the lazy ones made it that popular in the first place :–)

The MGPreferencePanel is now ready for Mountain Lion and ARC, so no more retained and autoreleased objects and I’ve also simplified the usage.

Drop the files into your project, provide titles and icons for views and that’s it. As always you can do whatever you want with it – Copyleft and WTFPL, you know.

About the MGPreferencePanel – The Cocoa Preference Window for the lazy ones

There is nothing more annoying than programming a preference-window with selectable toolbar-buttons and automatic resizing.

Most of the solutions you find today are either close to the one programmed by Matt Ball or base on it. Indeed, there are even more complicated ways, doing it.

They are all more or less understandable and customizable. But all have in common that it is annoying and time consuming to add each single subview via a separate nib-file or a separate plists. I know some disagree but I believe that more nibs aren‘t always the best solution. Because more nibs lead to more controller, that leads to more work customizing them, that leads to a more enraged programmer.

This is why I programmed my own solution.

Sure, it is far from being perfect, but you have customized everything in less than thirty two seconds!

You can use it as an inspector-view as well. Best of all: just one nib.

Anything left to be desired? Not for me.

Download MGPreferencePanel (Xcode Project | 10.7+)

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