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Bye, bye Tumblr

That’s it. I’m done with Tumblr. For a reason.

As of today the new MOApp weblog is powered by my own LogEngine. LogEngine is my very own version of a dead simple weblog engine. As simple as b2 once was. It’s nothing I can make available for others for now. I wouldn’t even call it an alpha yet. But it’s already working for the AZLog and null816 and I’ve also my own App for OS X and the most important part:

I own it! I own its API and it’s my content. It’s stored on my own server.

Of course, the old Tumblog is still available and remains available. Simply because of the Daily Ollerum and the Daily Snippets and some quotes and news regarding my own Apps and plans…

How to backup your Tumblog

Because of the recent changes to the Tumblr API their own tool to backup your Tumblog isn’t working anymore. But there is another way to backup all your content - at least as a webarchive:

tumble-log Backup Jammy

The Daily Ollerum

The Daily Ollerum

Update for Quick and Dirty available

I’ve just published an update for Quick and Dirty - The simple image editor for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display…

Quick and Dirty Website


Romualdas Rakauskas, from Ромуальдас Ракаускас (Romualdas Rakauskas)
(via luzfosca)


Romualdas Rakauskas, from Ромуальдас Ракаускас (Romualdas Rakauskas)

(via luzfosca)

Source: luzfosca
❝ Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters. ❞
Margaret Peters

Oh, only at Apple.

❝ I’ll probably still use Twitter, the distribution is helpful. But how I use it changed. I’m no longer part of a supporting ecosystem, but a customer with an arm’s-length relationship. I trust them as much as I do Comcast, Verizon or AT&T. Which is to say, hardly at all. ❞

It takes two to tango, and Tumblr doesn’t dance (Part II)

As already said before (and before and before) - I’m sick and tired of companies changing the rules and APIs and forcing those who helped making their service big and successful to either comply or to die.

Well, I chose to die.

As of today myTumblr does not work anymore and I was not granted access to their new API because they changed the rules afterwards.

I’m sorry that the App no longer works for you as it did for years before without any trouble. There can’t and won’t be an update. Sorry.

I know it sucks and because I myself hate being forced to use the crappy web interface to blog (for any service) - I’m also searching for option to migrate this tumblog into my own weblog engine. This may take a while but I don’t like to be treated that way from companies.

I still like the idea of Tumblr and I understand why they act like they act and for new and unestablished Apps I don’t have a single problem with it - but for old (or the first Apps) it doesn’t have to be this way. Or better: it shouldn’t.

It was fun and now it’s over…